Community Association Management (HOA)

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Lilburn Realty | Community Association Management

Lilburn Realty provides full service community association management.   Community associations should serve those living in the neighborhood, maintain property values through covenant enforcement, and improve the neighborhood.  We strive to improve communication between homeowners and the Board, reduce the administrative workload of board members, and save the association time and money.

Our Community Association Management Services:


Covenant Violations | Once a month, we will complete a drive through of your neighborhood to inspect the properties for covenant violations.  Should there be any violations, violation letters will be mailed to the property owner.  The Board will also be notified of any violations.  Should a property owner fail to correct the violation, Lilburn Realty will work with Board to determine the best course of action.

Daily Operations |  Upholding a community’s design guidelines is important to residents, and their property values.  Lilburn Realty works hard to ensure that the daily operations of the community are promptly handled, be it following up with a vendor for a project bid, working with residents, or reconciling assessments.

Communication |  We meet the needs of your community association with regular communication that keeps residents informed of any pertinent due dates, events, or upcoming projects in the community.

Annual Meetings |  A representative of Lilburn Realty will attend your association’s annual meeting.  We will ensure that it is compliant with governing documents and that all administrative work is completed, from proxies and ballots to minutes.

Maintenance and Improvement Projects |  Our established relationship with maintenance vendors allow us to respond quickly to your association’s repair and maintenance needs.  We work with the Board to ensure that projects receive competitive bids from qualified companies for improvement projects.


Fiduciary | We work with experienced accountants to ensure reconciliation of accounts, and accurate maintenance of all accounting records.

Annual Budget |  A draft annual budget will be prepared for review by the Board.  We also oversee payment to vendors for services provided to the association.

Assessments | We will manage the collection and accounting of assessments, under policies established either in the association operating documents or by the Board.  Streamlined accounts payable procedures will be created in accordance with recognized and accepted accounting procedures, if they are not already in use.

Collections |  No one wants to police their neighbors, or be in the position of having to file a lawsuit against them.  We have existing relationships with attorneys to handle the collection of past due assessments or fines.  Our assessments management policies ensure the financial health of the community association by prompt follow up with homeowners behind on their assessments.


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