Need Help with Property Management?

Property management in the metro Atlanta area: Being the owner of a rental property has its obvious rewards. Your real estate investment provides a steady income stream as well as long term property value growth. But, such investments come with their own challenges… Challenges the experienced team at Lilburn Realty knows how to handle.Property Management in Metro Atlanta

Let Lilburn Realty help you with the ups and downs of rental property management by becoming your professional managing and leasing agent. We offer full service property management for your metro Atlanta or North Georgia rental property.  We can also provide leasing services alone, to best suit your needs.

Lilburn Realty deals directly with prospects and tenants.  We save you time and stress over marketing your rentals, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and even pursuing evictions.

Lilburn Realty has helped investors like you manage their investment portfolios for more than 20 years. Experience has taught us that the best course of action is to maximize your monthly income while increasing the value of your property. Our objectives, as your managing agent, are the same as yours:

Lilburn Realty Professional Management Objectives:

  • Achieve High Occupancy Levels
  • Control Expenses
  • Maximize the Value of your Investment
To contact us to learn more about our apartment management services and competitive fees please contact us at 1-877-381-2489 or email us.