Residential Property Management

At Lilburn Realty, our residential property management goals are to achieve high occupancy rates, control your expenses, and maximize the value of your investment.  As your full service property manager, we handle the management process of your single family home from start to finish, treating your property as if it were one of our own.

residential property management

Lilburn Realty | Residential Property Management Services

Inspections | We will perform an initial inspection prior to marketing your property.  This is to assess the readiness of your property for marketing.  You will be provided with items to review, as well as estimates of cost for repairs or maintenance.  The property’s appearance as move-in ready helps shorten the vacancy time and attracts applicants.

Marketing |  Each property that we manage is advertised through multiple channels to minimize vacancies.

Tenant Placement |  We work hard to screen potential tenants for your property, from initial applications, to background checks, and employment verification.  Each step of our tenant approval process helps ensure minimal vacancy periods.

Leasing | We handle lease preparation, execution, and enforcement.  This includes collection of the first month’s rent, and any security and pet deposits.  We will complete the move-in inspection, and at the lease’s conclusion, the move-out inspection.

Rents | We will collect rents per the terms of the lease.  Owner statements are mailed with rental proceeds monthly.

Maintenance |  All maintenance issues will be addressed per the terms of the lease, either on an emergent via phone basis, or in writing for non-emergent issues.

Our Fee Schedule | Our tenant placement fee is the first month’s rent, and covers the marketing of the property, processing tenant applications, and leasing.  Our residential property management services are 10% of the monthly rent, or $100, whichever is less.  These rates are for new clients only.

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Evictions |  We strive to place only qualified tenants, however, sometimes a tenant fails to uphold their leasing agreement.  Our longstanding attorney relationships and experience with dispossession and evictions ensures limited vacancy time due to a problem tenant.